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Power is the ability to help other people succeed.

Mindset & Potential
Coaching & Facilitation
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"Your potential in life is fixed by your mindset. Allowing yourself to live with more freedom begins by improving the way that you think"

I'm Benjamin Wood, mindset and potential coach, owner and founder of

LLC Global Coaching Ltd.

I believe in having life-changing aspirations pursued regularly and consistently.

The purpose of myself and the business as a whole is to empower others through a unique blend of Coaching, Counselling, Therapy techniques, Mentoring & Training.

As adults it's tempting to believe we understand ourselves. This is generally not the case at all and we actually tend to consciously understand very little about the identities we've given ourselves, how we view other people and how we see the world in general. 

If I was to take all the problem thoughts, emotions and behaviors of people in life and break them down into one sentence it would be simple :

People don't understand themselves.


We are all going through life continually exploring something we don't understand along the way. What a wonderful opportunity though. A constant journey of self discovery if we choose to make it so. 

The greatest responsibility we have for ourselves and others is to find the courage to enjoy the adventure of lifelong learning. We can't rely on happiness, it doesn't exist except that which is inside you and you simply can't feel that way all the time.


Learning is available to us every second of every day. Unlike happiness, we can turn it on whenever we choose. Happiness tends to be situational, moment by moment, short-term. Learning though, learning is fulfillment and fulfillment is a constant strength to us

in our lives. 

"The first step to positively changing our circumstances in life is

changing the way we see them"

Helping both individuals and organizations learn and develop themselves through a process of unlearning, reprogramming and refreshing is the drive behind both myself personally and LLC Global Coaching Ltd as a whole.


Supporting people to think better in order to live better, one mind at a time, is how we are changing the world.

Leadership Development
LLC Global-createyouforyou

Revolution of the Mind

Motivational Speaker


How much effort do you put into creating your life?


What gear are your efforts getting into?


Think about how it feels to drive a car. It’s exciting to accelerate in a fast car in 1st and 2nd gear but you can’t really get anywhere driving like that for long. It's not sustainable. 


You hit a barrier and to carry on you have to move into the next gear. Getting into 5th gear and cruising could be compared to what is known in psychology as the FLOW state.

This principle applies to both individuals behind the wheel of their own lives and also the driving force behind management teams in organizations.


Clarifying which gear you're in, what needs to happen to move up to the next gear and what's preventing it right now in your mind are some solid questions to start moving you forward and closer to your desired outcomes.


First gear      –  Thoughts and ideas

Second gear  –  Intentions, short-lived  bursts

                          of excitement/motivation

Third gear     –  Taking an actual physical step - starting

Fourth gear  –   Creating – achieving something tangible

Fifth gear     –   Flow, totally concentrated with action &

                         awareness merged. Accomplishing goals.


Are you

stuck in

1st or 2nd?

Motivational Speaker

Where I come in...

Mind your Mind Coaching
Benjamin Wood

The average person has around 6,000 thoughts per day. Around 80% of those are negative thoughts and around 95% of them are repetitive thoughts. 

Time Line Therapy

That changes as soon as we consciously start taking control of how we are living and the story we are telling ourselves about who we are as a person.

While we can't control the thoughts that pop into our minds, we can control what we focus on and how we respond to those thoughts and whether to validate them or not. We do not have to allow thoughts to consume our lives. Being able to discern the wise, mature and accurate thoughts from those which are unhelpful and destructive is a skill I help people master. 

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I am excited to recommend Ben, an exceptional coach who has played a pivotal role in my pe
I am excited to recommend Ben, an exceptional coach who has played a pivotal role in my pe
I am excited to recommend Ben, an exceptional coach who has played a pivotal role in my pe
I am excited to recommend Ben, an exceptional coach who has played a pivotal role in my pe
I am excited to recommend Ben, an exceptional coach who has played a pivotal role in my pe
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