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Champion Coaches for Champion Clients

Online Training Program - Join from anywhere in the world!

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Champion Coaches for Champion Clients
Leadership Development
Champion Coaches for Champion Clients
Champion Coaches for Champion Clients

Past - Present - Future

THE knowledge & skills you need to get the best results with your clients

Champion Coaches for Champion Clients
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Is this you?

You have decided that you want to help inspire, motivate and support others to create their ideal lives doing things that once upon a time they thought would never be possible for them. You want to create a great life for yourself and your family while helping others to do the same. This was pretty much me not so many years ago.

Maybe you have done some coaching already or maybe you haven't. Maybe you have some qualifications in coaching already or maybe you don't. Whichever it is you can fit into this course.

I personally feel I have reached my ideal compromise now as a mindset and potential coach. As an NLP Master Practitioner and Master Coach, a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Practitioner and the proud owner of my ICF Leadership certification I believe I have finally created my own balanced blend of coaching and based on the results my clients are getting in their lives, this assessment is fair.

We are all continually learning and improving, with each client we help and each session we conduct. This learning and sharing of learning is what has inspired me to connect my ICF, NLP and CBT skillsets with my years as a facilitator and trainer and furthermore combine them with my experiences and learnings taken from my actual one to one coaching of real paying clients and create the “Champion Coaches for Champion Clients” online group training program.

My goal for this training program is that those who complete it will have the skills and confidence to swim with their clients wherever they go. Coaches from my training program will have the techniques and knowledge of when and how to remove their life jackets and go deep diving with their clients exploring the ocean that is their subconscious mind and (when necessary and requested) create a new program for them in there.

​This training program is based on what I consider to be the ideal blend of NLP, CBT and ICF Executive Coaching skillsets. It is a comprehensive 30 hour course which will be carried out over 10 weeks. One 3 hour LIVE and private class with me once per week. By the end of the 30 hours my guarantee to you is that you will be both fully confident and fully equipped to thrive as a life coach. I will of course always be here to support you long after you finish the program with me. That is why I can guarantee you will get to where you want to be. We will have regular online group sessions with mentoring by me even after the program finishes. Frankly, I want to share my journey with you and be a continuing part of yours as well.

For a client to feel like the champion of their life they need a coach who feels like a champion of coaching. Are you that coach now? If you are then you know that it’s the best feeling imaginable. Whether you're just starting out or currently coaching but still feel like you’re in a life jacket, sign up to this program. You will not regret it.

Serious about becoming a Coach and as yet have not done any training or any formal courses or qualifications?

Save yourself a lot of time and money and get everything you need right here in this program.

LLC Global-createyouforyou
LLC Global-createyouforyou
LLC Global-createyouforyou

Added bonus - Includes certificates in 3 key areas

as a record of your learning and investment


  1. Coaching with CBT       

  2. NLP Excellence            

  3. Time Line Therapy

   * Bonus - Intro to Hypnotism

Regular booking - GBP 1,700 / THB 73,000 / EUR 2,020 / USD 2,050

***Reduced rates available for group bookings***

Time Line Therapy

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What... Why... How... What if...?

Here are a few more details for the Champion Coaches for Champion Clients online worldwide training program:


1. The training will be 30 hours in total split over 15 weeks. Each session will be two hours and held weekly.


2. There will be a short test at the end of the training to ensure all areas have been fully understood and then certificates of completion emailed in PDF format.


3. The training will be online over Zoom (conducted fully and LIVE by Coach Benjamin Wood at all times) and strictly limited to 12 participants per group. All materials/workbooks will be emailed in advance of the sessions.


4. Continued online support will be available to groups even after the training is complete long into the future as it's an honour to play such a part in your journey as a developing coach.


The areas the program covers in more detail are:

  • 5 hours Executive Coaching ICF techniques including the GROWTH framework and coaching model. Wheel of life coaching tool, sensory acuity and advanced goal setting techniques.


  • 15 hours Neuro-Linguistic Programming (essential for aspiring professional Life Coaches) including NLP interventions, advanced communication techniques, using submodalities to reprogram the minds of clients, Meta Programs, in depth training in areas such as values, beliefs and strategies from both Practitioner and Master Coach level. An entire toolbox of how to unlock your clients and explore their past, beliefs, emotions and their subconscious and unconscious minds. Also included is the NLP coaching and Breakthrough Session framework (a step by step, question by question approach to helping clients achieve any goal focusing on their memories and past as well as their present and future). 


  • 10 hours Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) training including CBT questioning frameworks such as Socratic Questioning and several others. CBT is the key to empowering clients to take control of their mindset. The ABCDE model of conducting a CBT session. Interventions for removing limiting beliefs and emotions including Timeline elicitation. Comprehensive explanation of the relationship between thoughts, emotions and behavior (including emotional addiction and the Reticular Activating System) and coaching skills to support clients in areas such as stress, anxiety, depression and addiction. Knowledge of how to identify and deal with cognitive distortions and self sabotaging patterns of behavior.

6. The 15 training sessions will be held weekly on Wednesday evenings 18.30 - 20.30 GMT+1 UK time.

Next group of champion coaches starting on
Wednesday 17th January 2024!

Champion Coaches for Champion Clients

Online Training Program - Join from anywhere in the world!

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