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Public Speaking Development Course 
14 hours Coaching, Training & Mentoring

Public Speaking
Motivational Speaker Benjamin Wood
Public Speaking

You have knowledge and a message to share someone out there needs.

Don't allow an irrational fear or lack of confidence and technique in how to give a speech or presentation

hold others back from benefiting from your insight, experience and expertise.

Fear of public speaking

There are things that one person knows and another person doesn’t. We don’t know what we don’t know, as they say. The knowledge just needs to be shared. I would call this consultancy or training which we all need on certain matters. None of us can be an expert in everything.

There are other situations where giving or telling someone the way to overcome a challenge is not the most efficient approach and certainly not the best way to empower and instill  a person with key qualities such as self-belief and a focus on taking ownership and accountability of that challenge. This kind of case calls for helping someone explore different perspectives and generating awareness – coaching.

Then there are the ambitions people have where in order for them to be successful they do need advice, an expert opinion and will benefit from the knowledge, skill set and experience directly from another person but will also require ongoing guidance and support for a period of time to generate their desired outcome. This is where a mentor comes in.

A good mentor should be three things: 

​A consultant – They should have real world experience and be knowledgeable in the area you require assistance with.

A counselor – They should be asking you the right questions and allowing you to explore and embrace your own strengths as well as being able to point out bad habits, limiting beliefs and support you to become who you want to be in order to achieve whatever your desired outcome is.

A cheerleader – They should be your biggest fan. They should have a level of personal investment in you in some way and take pride in seeing you making progress and achieving the outcome you have been working towards together.  

When it comes to Public Speaking and dealing with all the emotions and practical concerns so many people face with it, a balance of coaching and mentoring is the most effective way forward to achieve the goal of becoming not only a totally confident speaker but also skilled in giving powerful speeches and presentations which connect with the audience in the intended manner.
As a professional in mindset and potential development, ICF certified coach, NLP Master practitioner, NLP Master Coach, CBT practitioner, corporate training facilitator and professional speaker I have been connecting with both large and smaller more personal audiences through my seminars, trainings and speeches for nearly a decade across the world. Based on my experience as a speaker, a trainer and a coaching professional I have created a framework to enable others to develop and hone both the skills and mindset to become the speaker who commands a presence, energizes a room and enables their audience to grow. Furthermore and most vitally, ensuring the message you have continues to live on long after your speech is over.
The package includes a combination of coaching sessions to assist in evolving your emotions, thoughts and previously formed habits as well as practical techniques and processes for development of skills that will be tailored to the specific needs of you personally.
The coaching sessions will mainly focus on confidence and creating powerful, exciting energy from what at the moment may feel like anxiety, nervousness and fear. We can also focus on any bad habit you feel you have or any other emotional or psychological barrier you are trying to break through in regards to public speaking.
The practical learning of new skills will focus on being more persuasive and inspiring, speech preparation and structure, storytelling & anecdotes technique, body language, gestures, building rapport through credibility and personalizing with your audience, creating a connection and any other area you would like to improve in. This could be the use of visual props or voice intonation and tone for example.
The course is fully online, can be arranged around your own schedule and sessions should ideally

be with me once or twice per week.
The course consists of 14 hours.

7 of these hours are conducted as coaching sessions by me with you working towards channeling any fear or hesitation into the right kind of energy that your audience will appreciate like enthusiasm and stimulation.

The other 7 hours are facilitated as training sessions focusing on training, skills and improving the quality of your speeches and presentations through creating connection with your audience by leveraging your current strengths as a person and developing key public speaking skills.

The package investment for the 14 hour course is GBP 1250, USD 1600, EUR 1350, THB 52,500 

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Public Speaking Development Course

Online - Join from anywhere in the world!

10% reduction until 16th Jan 2024 ONLY!
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