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Revolution of the Mind
CBT Training

Revolution of the Mind

If there was just one belief I could install into the program of every human being on the planet it would be the notion that monumental power is present within every single one of us.
Revolution of the Mind
Benjamin Wood
LLC Global-createyouforyou
Revolution of the Mind
Revolution of the Mind
"5 days you will look back on decades from now and thank yourself deeply for"
Revolution of the Mind
LLC Global-createyouforyou
Leadership Training
Coaching training
Revolution of the Mind
Revolution of the Mind
Turn up demanding to experience a personal evolution and accept nothing less from both yourself as the owner of your life and me as your facilitator and coach.

One afternoon I had a little daydream about the person I wanted to be in this world, the way

I wanted to make my living and the quality of life I wanted to get for myself and my family while helping others turn their own daydreams into their own everyday realities.

To get from that moment to here has required a lot. A lot of a lot to be precise. A vital part has obviously been learning, learning from experience and growing as a coach and facilitator with every client and every audience.

Each different LIVE training and ONLINE training I've put myself through as a paying participant over the years has changed my life in its own way. Not only in terms of my skillset as a coach but in my own personal development in life. I've been through a journey like no other. A revolution of my life. To compare the me of today to the me of 10 years ago that is truly no understatement and I'm forever grateful to those who have supported me along the way, including myself. I'm eternally grateful to me, because deciding to change who you are takes a great deal of courage.

Revolution of the Mind is a combination of everything that has cumulatively turned my afternoon daydream years ago into a living, breathing real life success story where I now live a rewarding life helping other people every single day.

If you join us it will be 5 days you will look back on decades from now and thank yourself deeply for. You have my word on that.


Here's what people take away from the event - the one and only of it's kind on offer in the UK!

Just some of what we cover over the 5 days...

Mindset Coaching

  • Resilience

  • Effort

  • Confidence

  • Self-esteem

  • Transcendence


Coaching Psychology

  • Brainwaves

  • Modality

  • RAS 

  • Neuroscientists

  • Thought Policing


Coaching with CBT

  • Judgment & Control

  • Self-defeating rules

  • Cognitive distortions

  • Socratic questioning

  • Perceptual Position



  • States

  • Emotional addiction

  • Perception is projection

  • Triggers & Stress

  • ABCDE therapy model


NLP Excellence

  • Eye Patterns

  • Submodalities & interventions

  • Strategies

  • Anchoring


Program Awareness

  • Johari Window

  • Meta Programs

  • Discipline

  • MBTI Testing



  • Personality

  • Eysenck's model

  • CBT Maturity

  • CBT Character



  • Schwartz human values

  • Maslow's needs

  • Conflicts within us

  • Core Values

  • Rules of Values


  • Pygmalion effect

  • Raising limiting beliefs

  • Disqualifying beliefs

  • Belief change through NLP interventions



  • Cartesian logic

  • Motivational modeling

  • Logical levels & Breakthrough coaching



  • Pacing & Leading

  • Persuasion VS Manipulation

  • Conscious uses of language

  • Chunking

  • SPIN for creating desire & inclination


Executive Coaching

  • Real Coaching

  • Reframing

  • Manifesting SMART goals

  • GROWTH coaching model

  • Conflict Resolution & Effective feedback



  • Carl Roger's core conditions

  • Parental beliefs

  • Levels of connection

  • Toxic dialogue

  • Dark psychology

  • Emotionally fueled thoughts



  • The myth - addictive personality

  • Addiction or Abuse

  • Addiction VS Dependence

  • Understanding destructive behaviour

  • Core beliefs


Added bonus - Includes certificates in 5 key areas

as a record of your learning and investment



  • Self-hypnosis

  • Flow psychology

  • Milton hypnotic language patterns

  • Time Line Therapy

  • Guilt removal


  1. Mindset Coaching         

  2. Coaching Psychology    

  3. Coaching with CBT       

  4. NLP Excellence            

  5. Intro to Hypnotism &  Time Line Therapy

Early booking rate available until 15th Jan 2024
Limited to 15 spaces only per event
Regular booking -  GBP 3,250
Before 15th Jan 2024 - GBP 2,650
***Reduced rates available for group bookings***

LLC Global-createyouforyou

Additional worldwide venues include the
Rembrandt Hotel & Suites Bangkok

Lunch included daily and complimentary beverages and snacks throughout the event

Revolution of the Mind
Revolution of the Mind

I am a Mindset & Potential coach, Master NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) practitioner, Master TimeLine therapist, ICF certified Executive Coach and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Practitioner. I incorporate all of these modalities along with cognitive psychology and elements of counselling into my own coaching practices and also facilitate seminars and events teaching others such as The Revolution of the Mind.


This training will not simply be teaching how to use techniques and processes. It will be facilitated as a personal journey for each participant going through their own Model shift, Model Crisis, Model Revolution coming out of the event having been themselves through everything presented enabling them to go on to help others through their own journey. 


CBT is a form of psychotherapy (talking therapy) and is concerned with the relationship between thoughts, emotions and behaviour. It is focused on helping clients face and overcome their fears building on their resilience and strength as a result. 


NLP will cover the way in which we perceive our world through our senses, neurological connections and how to use them to our advantage in life, connected to interventions and submodalities where we can create empowering beliefs, realign values, improve our unconscious strategies, abolish bad habits and far more. We will cover NLP interventions such as anchoring swish and several others during the Revolution of the Mind.


Coaching psychology will cover areas related to getting the most out of your clients through advanced knowledge of how to communicate. build rapport and influence clients in a positive way. 


Mindset coaching will be focused around helping clients move away from a victim mindset or a situation of not taking responsibility for their life to a place of mature, wise and empowered living. We will be looking at emotions and thoughts in detail, also looking into areas such as dark psychology and manipulation to understand how people are vulnerable to emotional manipulation and how they can also manipulate themselves in ways such as being blindly optimistic or lying to themselves for example.


Time Line Therapy is a very powerful tool connected to Hypnotism used in removing negative emotion, limiting beliefs and making changes in a client on a subconscious level for their benefit. 


Revolution of the Mind

THE one of a kind event in UK!

09.00 - 18.00 daily

5 days

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