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Do you sell yourself to yourself?

From a coaching and therapy perspective I get asked on a daily and sometimes hourly basis “How can I be more confident?”, “How can I have the self-belief I need to get what I want out of life?”

Sometimes the questions come in regards to a certain area of life, perhaps career or leadership development, maybe meeting new people, public speaking, getting fit and sometimes it’s more a general association to personality, an identity belief someone has subscribed to about themselves at some point in their life (that they're not a confident person) and just continued to believe it every day. That’s what happens when you don’t ask yourself any questions about yourself. A scientist can't disqualify a theory without first considering it, can they.
So look at it like this and don’t just listen to me here, really hear me, take it in, absorb it and allow what's here to work its way into you.

Confidence and self-belief is the ability to sell yourself to yourself. When asked why you are credible, deserving, worthy, talented can you answer? And if you can, would you? We know these are important questions otherwise why would every motivational speaker on the planet focus on these areas.

Take a salesperson trying to sell a product or service. We’ve all been there, there’s the person whose words just melt butter, they could sell snow to a penguin and a Big Mac to a vegan. Then there’s the person who you actually consider buying the product off because you feel that bad for them.
3 things I believe separates the first from the latter salesperson.


  1. A solid knowledge of what they are selling

  2. A firm belief in the quality of what they are selling

  3. An expert skillset in how to sell – techniques

Stick with me here, I’m saying confidence and self-belief is the ability to sell yourself to yourself.

Now, if you don’t know the product (yourself), you don’t have the self-awareness and clarity that comes with that and you are full of limiting beliefs like “I’m not someone who can do that”, “I wouldn’t be very good at that” or “It would probably go wrong” and you haven’t invested any time in learning how to think better and manage your emotions better so you are lacking hard skills and technique in that area too, is it a surprise that you don’t feel like you can sell yourself to yourself and as a result your subconscious mind (95% of who you are) tells you daily that you’re not a confident person?

Asking “why” doesn’t mean a damn thing if you’re not listening to the answer.
If this blog has either sparked your interest, triggered a twinge inside you or confirmed something you’ve been suspecting for a long time watch this 40 minute video below I did on Facebook Live a couple of nights ago. While you’re here, pop over, like and  follow us on FacebookInstagramYou tube, Check out the rest of this website, all of this, some of this, whatever you like but do at least one of those because this is information that will add value to you.

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