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Management Programme

Mindset Mastery

Corporate Package 2024

Improve the performance, results and lives
of your managers and their teams!

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"6.5 million employees have taken time off due to stress in the past year"


based on 918 organisations

       - CIPD (Chartered Institute of personnel and development) 

Who is MMMP for?

  • Business Directors

  • Senior Leaders

  • Department Heads

  • Team Managers

  • Team Leaders

  • Supervisors


Why is MMMP a great choice?

1. Proactively reduces stress, depression and anxiety related leave from work.

2. Creates an open and consistent culture of trust, respect, feedback and communication.

3. Addresses and resolves conflict while building rapport and morale among colleagues.

4. Gives the tools for leaders to navigate challenging times with resilience and optimism.

5. Implements a "coaching culture" serving to resolve the top 2 challenges to staff retention - Lack of recognition & Lack of opportunity.

6. Refreshes, re-programmes  and revitalizes EVERYONE involved.


MMMP end of 2023 Investment Offer!

Sign up this month to roll out MMMP for your management team this year for just £12,900 and save £3,500!

* Normal investment rate £16,400 

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What does MMMP include?

Stage 1 - 18 hours live group training over 3 days at 6 hours per session. 

Stage 2 - 30 hours individual one to one Leadership Life coaching (eg. 3 hours per manager based on an overall group of 10 participants).

Accreditation: "Mindset Coaching in Leadership" full certification of completion based on ICF coaching criteria.

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How do we implement MMMP?

Meet & Optimize  


Explore the programme, clarify details, identify any specific individual needs for your organisation and participants.


Training over 3 consecutive days or 1 session weekly for 3 weeks.

Conduct one to one indivudal coaching sessions.

Recognize & Evaluate

Consider feedback, observations from all sides and outline learnings for your continued organisational benefit.


Get started now!

Click on the picture below to contact us and kick off MMMP for your team!


Mindset Mastery Management Programme is also available worldwide to your organisation as a fully online option. Perfect for bringing teams working remotely together again!

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